Non-surgical and minimally – invasive Procedures

Non-surgical and minimally - invasive Procedures

“Non-surgical and minimally – invasive Procedures in facial rejuvenation have, as main task, the restoration of the face volume”


Non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures  like autologous fat transplantation and chemical peeling, combined with classical surgical procedures provide an excellent result. It is a new paradigm in facial rejuvenation compared to the very extensive surgery of the late 90s, in which face volume was not considered.

Regenerative plastic surgery of the face

The injection of autologous fat (lipofilling/ micro fat transfer), in contrast to fillers, has a regenerative property; the autologous fat contains stem cells and growth factors. Autologous fat transplantation not only leads to correction of facial volume, but also improves the skin quality. The fat harvesting follows rigorous criteria of processing.


We only perform liposuction (fat removal) in the neck area with the aim to define the jawline (mandibular line).


Signs, Symptoms & Treatment (Common description vs. Medical description)

  • Wrinkles/ Rhytids

    · Treatment: Fat injection for major volume loss, if necessary combined with chemical peeling.

  • Scars / Acne scars

    · Treatment: Injections with fat, chemical peeling.

  • Facial paralysis: Complementary therapy after surgical correction

    · Treatment: Botulinum toxin in the normal side, fat injection in the affected side after previous face lift and suspension.

  • Hollow eyes

    · Signs and symptoms: Hollow eyes, marked eyelid-cheek junction.

    · Treatment: Fat injection, fat pad correction; Medical description: Lipofilling, fat transposition over the infraorbital rim as supplemental surgical procedure.

  • Aging face /  Face depletion 

    · Signs and symptoms:  Loss of face volume.

    · Treatment: Fat injections.

  • Soft tissue loss: Acquired & Congenital

    · Signs and symptoms:  Congenital or acquired soft tissue loss; Medical description: Hemifacial atrophy (Romberg Syndrome) or Hemifacial Microsomia; asymmetry due to skeletal anomaly.

    · Treatment: Fat injection for face contouring.

  • Double chin

    · Signs and symptoms: Double chin; Medical description: Submental fat, loss of mento-cervical angle.

    · Treatment: Fat removal; Medical description: Liposuction.